The Most Exotic Flavours of R&M Tornado 9000 you must try

The Most Exotic Flavours of R&M Tornado 9000 you must try

Disposable vapes have evolved the trend by offering you portability and flexibility similar to a regular cigarette like R & M Tornado 9000. However, the huge flavour range is always available in disposable vapes that can add to your vaping experience. So this blog will consider one of the best and most high-end disposable vapes exotic flavours of R&M 9000. It is one of the most-demanding disposable vapes, and we will elaborate on its feature, especially for our newbie vaper community.

As hygiene is concerned with smoking, vapes provide you with a healthier and safer solution to satisfy your daily nicotine cravings. Vaping is not said to be 100% healthy, but yes, it can save you from the severe consequences of smoking.

What is exclusive about R&M Tornado 9000?

If you are tired of boring vaping, R&M Tornado 9000 can be an exclusive addition to your kits. As a rechargeable disposable vape, it gives you value for money by its long-lasting and perfect taste. It has the most suitable nic salt concentration e-liquid and a C-type USB charging port.

Moreover, it offers a maximum of 9000 puffs through a draw-activation firing mechanism, and it doesn’t require to be operated with buttons and switches. Furthermore, it has RGB flashlights as indicators; you don’t need to refill or replace mesh coils. Last but not least, it is leak-proof with the exotic r and m 9000 flavours available in UK markets.


Here are the following exceptional features of R and M Tornado 9000.

  • No of Puffs: Up to 9000 puffs
  • Battery Capacity: Integrated 850mAH battery
  • E-liquid specification: 12 ml pre-filled
  • Battery Type: C-type rechargeable with mesh coil
  • RGB Flashlight indicators
  • Draw activation with the MTL technique
  • Unique design and style
  • A range of best randm tornado 9000 flavors

Exotic flavours of R&M Tornado 9000 puffs with fruits and ice 

Getting long-lasting vaping with a vast range of flavours is no less than a blessing for smokers. R and M believe in innovativeness with exclusivity. That’s why it offers the best version of rechargeable disposable vapes. The diverse type of flavours is there for you to choose your class. However, the vaping flavours of R & M Tornado enhance vaping by giving an overall satisfying and tasteful experience. So, today we will elaborate on the most-desirable flavours according to our research and market surveys. There are almost 50 vaping flavours R & M Tornado 9000, which are very attractive and relax your taste buds. We have categorized the flavours into different groups, such as;

  1. Ice flavours
  2. Aloe Grape Flavours
  3. Fruity Flavours
  4. Cherry Berries Flavours
  5. Candy Flavours
  6. Fizzy
  7. Lime
  8. Random


Now let’s get to the details of the above-grouped flavours so you can decide more conveniently.

  • Ice Flavours 

The ice flavours are one of the Best flavours for R&M Tornado 9000 puffs. They give you a burst of menthol with a blend of different flavours.

Black Ice – The black ice flavour is revealed as a deep, flavourful blackberry taste offering an excellent ice finish.

Black Dragon Ice – it is a mysterious flavour, giving your buds a cold and sweet but not fruity taste. However, it is a blend of light berry flavour and berry candy ice flavour.

Ice Pop – is an inspired popular drink taste that gives you a refreshing vape experience.

Guava Ice – gives a smooth and refreshing taste due to a cool refreshing blend of menthol and the right hits of juicy tropical guava slices.

Strawberry Ice – You can experience a refreshing summer flavour packed full of sweet juicy strawberries with a cooling menthol twist.

Lush Ice – With the lush ice flavour of R & M Tornado 9000, you can taste sweet watermelons paired with cool ice to create a classic and marvelous vape.

Blue Razz Ice – This is a classic blend of sweet blue raspberries while inhaling and layered with the hint of ice on exhale to give a refreshing and sweet berries taste.

  • Aloe Grape flavours

Aloe Grape is one of the exotic flavours of R&M Tornado 9000, which is a perfect mixture of aloe Vera and grape flavour that perfectly captures a sweet and tangy taste. This blend leads to a refreshing cool frost sensation on every exhale.

  • Fruity Flavours

R & M Tornado offers fruity flavours with sweet yet refreshing tastes with single or blended fruits. i.e.,

Grape – The freshly picked summer dark grapes give you a sweet and succulent flavour ripped to perfection for the explosion of delight.

Strawberry Banana – This blend features a tangy-sweet note of strawberries that tantalizes the taste buds with the creamy banana to create a sweet and satisfying vape experience.

Banana custard – is a banana–a rich flavour with a slight touch of custard and tastes like anyone’s favorite banana ice cream or a pudding dessert.

Strawberry Cream – This fantastic flavour is a vibrant mix of fresh strawberry flavour layered with creamy vanilla ice cream. The smooth and savory flavour is a sweet escape from a long day of vaping.

Strawberry Watermelon – The mouthwatering combination of sweet juicy strawberries blended with refreshing watermelon offers a sweet mellow flavour.

Kiwi Passion Fruit Guava – This exotic blend features a blend of capturing tangy kiwi notes with passion fruit and guava to make the ultimate tropical combination for your vaping.

  • Cherry Berries Flavour

Cherry Berries has brought yummy sweet, and tangy flavour to your taste buds. Following are the exotic flavours of R&M Tornado 9000 with cheery berries.

Mr. Blue – is a perfect blend of finely selected blueberries, blackberries, and raspberries, and the hint of menthol is ideal for all-day vaping.

Mixed berries – The mixed berries flavour is perfect for mixing with your groove; a handful of mixed berries paired to create a taste to stand out from the crowd prominently.

Blueberry Cherry Cranberry – It is a combination of the bold taste of blueberry and the cranberry taste with a distinct cherry note to create a sweet fruity blend of flavours.

Blueberry Raspberry – It delivers a fruity flavour sensation with a refreshing and delicious burst of taste that stimulates your taste buds like the yummiest smoothie on a summer day.

Cherry –The ultimate taste of rich and flavourful cherries is delivered to you. Your taste buds can’t be tasted anything more exotic and enchanting than the luscious and juicy cherry vape flavour of R & M Tornado 9000.

  • Candy 

The candy flavours give you the sweet and fruity fusion vaping experience. There are two of the best candy flavours that R and M Tornado 9000 offers such as:

Rainbow candy – is a mouthwatering fusion of fruity flavours that can lead your taste buds on a wild ride. So you may taste a rainbow and delight in a magical delicacy with this incredible rainbow candy flavour.

Skittles – The Skittles flavour features your favorite flavour from childhood with the sweet and chewy Skittles.

  • Fizzy Flavours

The fizzy flavours of R and M Tornado 9000 give you perfect soda hits while vaping. Everyone can enjoy the taste of their favorite fizzy drink with a blend of fruits.

Fizzy Cherry – is a deliciously crafted summer taste blended with a twist capturing sweet cherries. This combo is infused with a fizzy aftertaste to offer a compelling and satisfying exotic R&M Tornado 9000 flavour.

Orange Soda – The orange soda is zesty citrus on inhale and complemented by a sweet and fizzy soda on exhale. It gives a refreshing vaping experience all day.

Vimto – delivers a taste of your favorite fizzy drink with delicious berries and tart blackcurrants. You can crush your thirst with the delicious fruity Vimto.

  • Lime Flavours

Another line of Exotic flavours of R&M has Lime as the key flavour. Lime flavours are always refreshing, especially when vaping in summer. R and M have the following Lime flavours for you.

Lemon & Lime – It is a potent mixture of citrus giants, just like a match made in heaven. The mouthwatering flavours give you the taste of fresh, zesty lemons with a splash of tasty, tangy Lime. Indeed it is a zest for life. 

Strawberry Lemonade – This sweet and sour flavour is a mix of strawberries with the classic taste of lemonade. It gives a cool and refreshing nostalgic taste. 

  • Random

R and M have exclusive flavours for their users. It offers you some unique and intriguing flavours, such as:

Gummy Bear – is the most satisfying flavour; nothing is like biting into a gummy bear vape. This chewy yet delicious bite is full of taste that is quite distinct and unique.

Watermelon Bubblegum – You can experience the aromas of soft, flavourful bubblegum and watermelon. This R&M Tornado 9000 flavour is a Hubba bubba-luscious on the taste buds.


No doubt, vaping satisfies your nicotine strength and gives pleasure to your taste buds. You can choose from the Firevapes exotic flavours of R&M Tornado 9000. The above comprises the details of all the optimal choices so that you may enjoy the exceptional vaping experience and not regret your choice. All the flavours are unique and impressive, but you can only be delighted once you try these best randm 9000 flavours.